David was born in Germany on 4th February 1982 and grew up in Golden Bay, New Zealand. Completing bursary in 1999, he moved to Christchurch where he was awarded a BSC degree from the University of Canterbury in 2002. David now lives and works as a software developer in Auckland, where he continues to write.

Enthusiastic about performance cars, David was intrigued by the diversity and controversy as well as the social implications and issues surrounding the automotive scene in Christchurch. As a keen reader he also noticed the lack of literature covering this genre and subculture which is so prominent amongst youth. Prompted by his personal experiences and those of his friends, he wrote Shiftlight and published it in 2006. Drift Race followed in 2012. It is a sequel to Shiftlight and focuses on drift racing, a motor sport that is quickly increasing in popularity.

His latest new book, Just Us was published in 2013. Unlike his previous books, which are focused on cars, this beautiful story is about two teenagers from very different backgrounds who overcome seemingly impossible odds.