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Drift Race

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"David Jubermann has written an excellent novel about motor racing and the boy racer culture that surrounds the sport."

-Bob Docherty, Bobs Books Blog

Review By: Barbara Murison, Around The Bookshops 

When Leon meets Simon, a champion driver, at a drift racing competition, he has no idea his new friend is going to take him into a fast paced world - a world of fast cars, lots of humour, relationships, parties and high-speed races.

This is a new book from the author of Shiftlight in which he gives the reader, once again, a story packed full of energy on a subject about which surprisingly little has been written.


Review By: Suzanne Calder, Librarian Greymouth High School

I didn't hesitate in reading Drift Race, after enjoying David Jubermann's previous novel Shiftlight, which is constantly issued at our secondary school library. I found this book to be another great read with all things teenagers enjoy; friendships, relationships, humour, parties, and fast cars.  

I enjoy David's writing, he manages to capture anticipation and suspense and transfer it to the reader effortlessly. All the characters have their own story to tell, and become connected through their passion for 'drifting'. A book with appeal for both female and male, I found it very realistic.   


Review By: Bob Docherty, Literacy Consultant Bobs Books Blog 

David Jubermann has written an excellent novel about motor racing and the boy racer culture that surrounds the sport.

Leon and his friends and rivals have a passion for cars that is all consuming. They spend all their money and time on cars and they drive fast and often without control. A split second can cost a life and wreck a car.

Leon is a level headed boy whose Japanese father was killed drift racing. When his uncle arrives from Japan the day he wrote off his mother’s car, the speed devil inside Leon is awakened. Leon buys a 1989 Silvia S13 car with a GT-R engine and his uncle teaches him how to drive it and to drift race.

Just as Master tutors Grasshopper, Leon learns the secret of drift racing - "you need to have grip and the power to release that grip when you want to"

There has to be a hot girl in this and there is. Lorna is a goddess that would make you weep with desire and Leon has her as his girl friend. What more could a fast lad like him want?

There are wide boys around and street rivalry and of course there are going to be casualties.

At 342 pages it is a big read for many of those who will be interested in this subject. But those that do will be well satisfied. 


Review By: Tim Redshaw 

Drift Race by David Jubermann continues in the dramatic realm of cars and fast-paced action, taking over where Shiftlight left off, in a stunning sequel. Leon, the main character, attends a drift day with his friend Byron. This brings back memories of his father, legendary drifter Kaito Takahashi, and Leon soon finds himself craving some sideways action. He buys his first car, a Silvia, and together with his uncle, Daisuke, they create a mean, fast and ferocious drift monster. Leon is thrust into the world of drifting and soon both the good and bad sides show...

David's first two novels show the other side of racing, both on the streets and on the tracks, from the teenagers’, not a media point of view, and it is for this reason that they are so good. Leon is a nice, shy and modest young man, whereas the other characters can be quite harsh and unforgiving. It was great to see some of the old characters from Shiftlight, especially with Lorna taking quite a large role in the story. This book is a must have if you enjoy any form of cars or motorsport, and if you enjoy reading!