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Drift Race

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"Drift Race continues in the dramatic realm of cars and fast-paced action, taking over where Shiftlight left off, in a stunning sequel..."

-Tim Redshaw, New Zealand

What is drift racing?

Drift racing is a motor sport that has become very popular on the global scene, particularly among younger generations. It originated in Japan and is different to normal motor sports where the aim is generally to be the fastest. In drifting, the aim is to slide the car through corners at an angle, while being in control at all times. The fact that another car is chasing and trying to outslide the leader and get as close as possible, makes drift races very exciting. Points are scored on the slide angle, the speed, proximity and overall control displayed by the drivers.

Do I need to like cars and drifting?

Aside from cars, there is plenty of action, drama and romance as well as character-complexities in Drift Race to make the story interesting for everybody. You may also surprise yourself about how much you can learn in a fiction novel about a topic you previously may have known little about.

How long is it?

Drift Race spans 342 pages. Because it is so exciting, you'll be surprised how quickly you finish it, and once you do, reading Shiftlight is a must!

Do I need to read Shiftlight first?

Drift Race is only a loose sequel to Shiftlight and, while you will understand and appreciate some of the character backgrounds more, the main characters are different and it is not necessary to read Shiftlight first. Once you read Drift Race however, you will most likely want to read Shiftlight as well, so you're best off getting both books at the same time.

Drift Race Specifications:

ISBN/EAN: 978-0-473-20694-9
Material: Paperback
Pages: 342
Dimensions: 204 x 140mm
Weight: 0.42 kg

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