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What is a hypercar?

In a nutshell, hypercars are ultra-high performance cars, precision engineered and constructed from exotic and extremely light weight materials. They are generally produced in small volumes and have astronomical price tags. Hypercars usually best all aspects of a supercar - taking into account aspects such as the acceleration, top speed, handling, price, rarity, appearance and even it's sound. Top speeds of hypercars are now frequently in excess of 400km/h. In terms of rarity, at times less than 10 are produced and often they are not for sale to the general public, even to those that can afford them, but rather the buyers are specifically chosen by the company.

Do I need to like cars and racing?

As with all my books, there is plenty of action, drama and romance as well as twists and character-complexities to make the story interesting for everybody. You may also surprise yourself about how much you can learn in a fiction novel about a topic you previously may have known little about.

How long is it?

Hypercar is 338 pages. Being so exciting, I'm sure you'll love reading it and, if you haven't read them already, Shiftlight & Drift Race will surely then be a must read as well!

Do I need to read Shiftlight & Drift Race first?

Hypercar is only a loose sequel to Shiftlight and Drift Race. While characters do reappear within the different stories and you will understand and appreciate their backgrounds more, it is not necessary to read these books first. Once you've read Hypercar however, you will most likely want to read these earlier books as well, so you may already want to make use of the multi-buy discount and get two or more copies at the same time.

 Who is the publisher?

Hypercar was published by Epsum Media Ltd in February 2015. It has been professionally edited and meticulously researched to a high standard.

Hypercar Specifications:

ISBN/EAN: 978-0-473-31206-0 
Material: Paperback
Pages: 338 
Dimensions: 204 x 140mm
Weight: 0.40 kg

How can I send in my comments?

The author would love to hear from you, so please see the contact section for information about sending in your feedback.