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Feedback From: Hayden Macdonald, English Teacher
Palmerston North Boys' High School 

Hi there David.

I am an English teacher at Palmerston North Boys' High School. I am currently teaching a year 9 class that has been identified as at-risk of slipping through the cracks in our education system. Their reading age and cognitive learning ability is well below the expected level for their age and they find all aspects of the subject difficult.

I wanted to contact you personally to tell you that I have added your name to a very short list of authors that I recommend to these boys and often read aloud to them. Fleur Beale, Vince Ford and just recently David Hair have been my go-to authors. Currently, I have five students reading all three of your books, including Hypercar. Often these books are off the shelf in the library and in the hands of young these men.

Thank you very much for the opportunity to make it easy for young struggling students to get interested in reading. If you are ever in or near Palmerston North, I would love the opportunity to meet you, and if possible, to introduce you to the students. I am sure they would love the opportunity to talk to you about cars and writing.

Kind regards,

Hayden Macdonald