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"I purchased this book in 2010 and have since had good reviews from students. I have been asked if there are any more novels that you have written since!"

-Joan Power, Librarian

Why write about cars?

There is a huge global car culture among youth and old alike. This is evident by the large number of fast cars being produced each year and the size and diversity of motor sports. All of us have been affected by this. Road tolls also continue to be high and many of us will know of people in our community, or have peers, that have been in accidents or even lost their lives in vehicle related crashes. Yet there is little fiction literature covering this, hence a book felt appropriate. By capturing both the excitement and tragedy, Shiftlight aims for readers to get a greater awareness and respect for cars and driving.

Does it encourage street racing?

Shiftlight does not aim to encourage street racing in any way. In fact, the consequences in Shiftlight are so vivid that readers will quickly understand that street racing is not the pure fun and thrills they may have thought.

Why Shiftlight?

The name seemed appropriate. Not only does it describe a valuable racing tool that warns the driver to change gears, but it also signifies a light change; red to green, and with it the launch to a race. In a deeper sense it also refers to the greater understanding of this sub culture.

Do I need to like cars?

You do not need to know anything about cars or like cars to enjoy this book. People of all ages (even 80+) have read and enjoyed it.

How long is it?

Shiftlight spans 298 pages, but it is an exciting read, and like any good book, it will pull you along. You'll be surprised how quickly you finish it, and once you do you will wish there was more. Fortunately now there is. Drift Race, the sequel to Shiftlight is available now!

Who is the publisher?

Shiftlight was first published by First Edition Ltd in 2006 and republished by Epsum Media Ltd in 2012.

Shiftlight Specifications:

ISBN: 978-0-473-21498-2 (Epsum Media Ltd, 2012)
ISBN: 978-1-877-39169-9 (First Edition Ltd, 2006 - Out of Print)
Material: Paperback
Pages: 298
Dimensions: 204 x 140mm
Weight: 0.36 kg

How can I send in my comments?

The author would love to hear from you, so please see the contact section for information about sending in your feedback.