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"In his debut novel Shiftlight, David Jubermann has written a powerful boy- racer story."

-R. Wild, Librarian

"Fantastic book, really really enjoyed it :) Great story with lots of action, can't recommend this highly enough! Roll on book No.2" - John Stone, Ireland


"Just finished reading your book shiftlight and absolutely loved it! Was curious to find any information about the upcoming sequel to this book!" - Erik Frangos, USA


"This was a compelling story and showed the true human condition and all it's joys and hardships. Thank you so much for writing this book. As literary enjoyment and as well as an avid car enthusiast I tip my hat to you fine people." - Joe Blanchar, USA


"I have read this book three times and am starting to read it a fourth. This is by far the best book I have read and perfect for a car enthusiast like myself. I can't wait for your next book!" - Ayrton Mutagaana, USA


"I just want to say that the book is awesome :) I loved it and so have 2 of my mates!" - Rebecca Hand, NZ


"I loved this book and highly recommend it to anyone with an interest in cars and action. I think this would make a great book to study for high school and would encourage people (especially youth) who don't normally read to buy this book (or their parents) and change their perception of what books are about." - James Stewart, NZ