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"In his debut novel Shiftlight, David Jubermann has written a powerful boy- racer story."

-R. Wild, Librarian

Shiftlight follows Cam, a young car enthusiast, along with his mates, Taz, Greg and Ollie, Lorna and his girlfriend Miriam through an action packed book that throws together car modifying, customising, street racing and more.

The team find themselves a disused road and put it to good use. With a little organisation a hoard of local racers, spectators and their specced machines gather in this hush-hush location one Saturday night to pit it out in a huge drag battle - head to head. That's when the cops decide to gatecrash the party and things get out of hand...

Shiftlight tells a gripping story, based on many true-to-life events. It's bound to have you reading it, cover to cover, in fueled enjoyment whether you're a car enthusiast or not...


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You can check out an extract from Shiftlight here.