Drift Race

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Leon grows up in Japan. After a major tragedy his family is split apart and his mother decides to move back to New Zealand. In this new and foreign country, Leon tries to put his past behind, but when he attends a drifting competition with his friend Byron it all comes flooding back and his passion is reignited. He is able to help one of the drift racers with his car problems and one event leads to another. Before he knows it, he spirals into an exciting world of adrenaline, fast cars and high-speed chases.

Soon he becomes a top competitor himself and things could not be better when he meets Lorna, a smart and beautiful girl. Yet little does he know that danger and death are lurking just around the corner. Can he, against all odds, overcome those that will stop at nothing to beat him?    

Drift Race


An astounded murmur went through the crowd and Leon couldn’t believe his eyes. The 180SX poured down the straight and then pivoted so that her front end angled back the way she had come and she essentially skidded backwards at over 100km/h, before pivoting back and her front end took the lead again on entry of the sweeper. The manoeuvre had lasted mere seconds, but captivated every onlooker. Still at full power, the 180SX skidded into the sweeper in a broad arcing slide, smoking all the way.
     “Reverse entry,” Byron repeated and chuckled. “Wow.”
     “Unreal,” Leon uttered. It seemed to defy physics.
    “That’s a god at the wheel,” Byron shook his head, but suddenly tensed when he saw the Toyota close in dangerously fast and the hand protruding from the Nissan disappeared. “Oh oh...” Abruptly the 180SX’s nose nudged around and her slip angle increased dangerously.
     “Woah,” a hum went through the crowd and several spectators came to their feet.
     “He’s lost it,” Byron hissed.
     The watchers held their breath as the white car fought to maintain her balance and straighten out again. For a millisecond it seemed she would recover, but then one of her wheels slipped off the track. It was enough to push her past the point of no return and she went into a dead spin. The Trueno had tagged so close that it seemed she couldn’t possibly avoid collision, but at the last moment she pirouetted and flew past the spinning car with inches to spare.
     Completely out of control, the Nissan spiralled off the tarmac, tyres screaming in defiance. Her rear wheels panned across the grassy soil, biting in deep and throwing up a cloud of loose dirt. The tyre smoke caught up with her and mingled with the dust that billowed thickly around. For a fleeting moment she was lost from view, disappearing behind the smokescreen, but then she spun back into broad daylight again. Her low front bumper scrubbed the ground and was torn off violently... 

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