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Just Us
Just Us tells the remarkable story of two teenagers from very different backgrounds, who connect instantly and find they have something very important in common. A story about overcoming seemingly impossible odds, it is about the importance of family, love and the true meaning of friendship…
Drift Race
Following on from where Shiftlight left off, in a stunning sequel, it tells the story about youth, their passion for cars and their aspirations to succeed in the modern world of drift racing, a motor sport that is fast gaining popularity around the world. Interwoven with humour, love, drama, action and friendship, Drift Race is a book not to be missed.
"Just finished Drift Race and I have to say its a fantastic read, the terminology and drifting references are spot on as is the story line. Well done David on another brilliant book!" - John Stone, Ireland

David's brand new book is now available!

The third and latest book in my car-series, Hypercar follows on from Shiftlight & Drift Race. It takes the reader on a fast-paced journey from New Zealand to Hawaii and on to Las Vegas, California and Detroit. With a glimpse of the poverty in Pakistan, there are many layers and twists to this story and they all combine at the end. From the action of fast cars and high-stakes races, to romance, tragedy and nail-biting drama, Hypercar has much to offer and is not to be missed.
"Readers who have enjoyed David Jubermann's earlier books will find the atmosphere of speed, ambition and money (and what it can buy) are all addictive and his old (and new) fans will find a compelling, unputdownable read." - Barbara Murison, Around The Bookshops
David's first book, Shiftlight, tells a story of youth, cars and racing. It captures the raw excitement as well as the consequences, tragedies and social issues surrounding this increasingly popular pastime. While the story is fiction, it is inspired by true-to-life events and many readers will be able to relate directly to these. Even if you are not interested in cars or racing this book will surely move you.
"I loved this book and highly recommend it to anyone with an interest in cars and action. I think this would make a great book to study for high school and would encourage people (especially youth) who don't normally read to buy this book (or their parents) and change their perception of what books are about." - James Stewart, NZ